Best Rice Washing Bowl With Drainers

Best Rice Washing BowlHaving a rice washing bowl is so much easier when washing your rice every day. Well, a lot of you might not every day, but we have to eat rice almost every day and at least once a day. It is kind of like a replacement for the bread most of you are eating every day.

This kind of bowl is not that expensive. Actually it is pretty affordable if you are buying the plastic kind. They do have some made with metal, but it is not my first choice. The ones made with metal usually have big holes and they are not really designed to wash rice.

If you are using the kind that has big holes to wash the rice then be prepared to lose a lot of it in the sink. If you really want one that is made with metal then you need to find one that is small enough to able to hold the rice in and able to drain the water out as well.

I have tried washing it in my sieve and it’s pretty good, but the only problem is it’s not big enough for me to put 4 to 5 cups of uncooked rice each time. Well, I could do 2 to 3 cups each time for a total of twice, but that would take a little more time from going to my pantry. Okay I have found two washing bowls that are made with metal for you to check out. 

What Is A Rice Washing Bowl?

It is simply a bowl that is designed to make it easier to wash rice instead of using a regular bowl. This kind of bowl has a lot of tiny little holes on either side and the bottom of the bowl. Some of them might have only holes in the bottom and not on the side or it’s only on the side but not on the bottom. It depends on how you like washing your rice.

If you look at the opening image, it will show you exactly what it is. You can buy them either with plastic or metal. Just make sure the holes are not too big for the rice or it will fall out in the sink.

Why Should I Use A Separate Bowl To Wash My Rice?

That is a very good question. Some of you might not know this if you don’t read the instruction manual for the nonstick rice cookers. I was taught by my family members to wash the rice with the included inner pot from the rice maker and not to wash it with a separate bowl. Were you taught that way too?

It seems to make sense to wash it with the inner pot right? But no, some of the manuals from the manufacturer tell you to wash it with a separate bowl instead. The reason for that is the rice might damage the inner pan such as make scratches and cause the nonstick to peel off.

Not all of the rice cookers tell you to wash the rice separately. Some of them allow you to do that, but it is better to wash it separately for the coating to last longer. It would be even better if you have a stainless steel inner pan rice cooker, then you don’t have to wash it separately if you prefer. Just be sure to read the manual to see if it requires you to wash it separately or not.

Japanese Rice Washing Bowl with Side and Bottom Drainers

This bowl is made with food grade plastic in Japan. It is white colored and designed specially to be used for washing rice. So you don’t have to worry if the rice is leaking out from the holes to the sink.

Of course you can use it to wash other stuff like fruits and vegetables. This is a pretty handy rice rinsing bowl. Once you get to use it you wouldn’t want to use other bowls.

The bowl is very easy to clean and it is very lightweight. If you are curious how much it weighs, it is about 4.8 ounces. The sides and the middle or bottom of the bowl have holes in them for the rice to be able to drain.

You should keep washing the rice until you see the drained water is clear and then your rice is ready to be put in the inner pot for cooking. Honestly, there is really no best way to wash rice. Just make sure you rinse the rice a few times, and also your ultimate goal is to check to see if there are any rocks, dirt or even bugs in the rice. If there are, you would have to pick them out and throw them away. None of us would like to eat those yucky stuff, right?

Stainless Steel Rice Washer For Home Use

Okay, if you don’t like a plastic washing bowl, then how about a metal kind? It is a stainless steel metal kind. It is more durable than plastic, but at the same time it costs a little more. Both items are dish washer safe for easy clean up but recommended to be hand washed.

I like the Codream one more because I don’t like having to tilt the bowl to be able to drain the water out even though the Helen Chen’s one is designed to wash rice. It’s just my preference. I sort of like the idea of being able to use it for draining pasta or spaghetti and washing vegetables and fruits too without a lot of water being trapped inside. They both have their own uses for other things.

As an example for the second one, you can use it to sprinkle powdered sugar for your sweet recipe and flour for your chicken recipe when you are ready. As you can see from the image, the bottom is solid without any holes, so it is great to hold those two items without having to use a separate tool to sprinkle it in.

You can also use it to soak dry beans and when you are ready you can drain the water by tilting the bowl. Both bowls have their own uses. It is really depending on what you use it for the most.


Codream Stainless Steel Colander Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen Rice Cleaning Bowl

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